Welcome to my shiny new venture Charity Ninja.

Having spent 22 years in business (Supply Chain, Operational Purchasing and Strategic Procurement) and having been trained and certified by Xerox as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (a Project Manager specialising in continuous improvement and process management methodology) and more recently having focused on the Third Sector with the last 2+ years spent as the CEO of Banbury Young Homelessness Project (BYHP), I decided to truly combine the skills and capabilities I have developed to work as a consultant and coach.

I will be helping small charities, community groups and social enterprises with all aspects of their organisations, ensuring resilience and ultimately survival in what appears to be an uncertain few years coming up.

The (not exhaustive) list of areas I intend to support include:
– Strategy
– Governance
– Contracts and Legal Agreements, including with Suppliers
– Funding, including all aspects of Fundraising and Income Diversification
– Bids and Bid Writing – including Funder Engagement
– Stakeholders and Stakeholder Strategies
– Brand, Public Relations and Communications
– Events
– Digital
– Social Media
– Change Management and Transformation
– Data Collection, Reporting, Systems and Analysis
– Collaborative Working and Partnerships
– Operational Purchasing, Cost Control and Expense Management

I also plan to work with some trusted partners to bring expertise into the Charity Ninja model, covering areas such as IT, Health & Safety, HR, Team Development and Wellbeing.

My rates are going to be set at a reasonable level and where possible, I expect to help you find the money to engage my services!

I will be available on an hourly, daily and short-term contract rate as well as open to discussing pay on results / no win no fee type pricing models – whatever I can do to help you achieve your desired results.

If you are interested in discussing any aspects with me, I offer a free one-hour consultation face to face, over the phone or via Skype. Just message me or email charityninja@outlook.com and let’s talk!

Tim, the Charity Ninja – the Ninja with a big heart.

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