Writer, educator and speaker, my latest series is The Secret Adventures of Rolo aimed loosely at 7-12 year olds and enjoyed by adults too. Rolo is my rescue Jack Russell and he discovers the ability to journey back in time, popping up during moments in history to witness events or make things happen. For example Magna Carta in 1215, Christmas Truce football game in 1914, theft of the world cup in 1966, sinking of the Mary Rose, end of the Black Death, eruption of Vesuvius and King Alfred burning the cakes in Saxon Wessex. The current series of 4 books is illustrated by Chantal Bourgonje and written as if by Rolo himself. Fantasy adventure, humour and irony intertwine with dog blogs and nature notes in between chapters in distinctive fonts. These books will appeal to anyone who loves history, has a sense of humour and enjoys a good old fashioned adventure story. I am also something of a dragon expert 😀

I visit primary schools to encourage reading and inspire creative writing amongst KS2 children and speak at adult groups (approved WI speaker). Creative writing workshops also available.


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  1. Fantastic books

    My children loved the dragon books and now Rolo’s adventures. Debi was fantastic during a school visit and I would highly recommend her, and her books!

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