Helping therapists and coaches achieve the next level by creating time for you to work on your business.

Are you a therapist, coach or small business owner?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the different online tools that are available to help you build your business?

Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out these different applications, causing your stress and diverting your energy away from the most important part of your business – your clients?

Would you like help figuring out sending a newsletter, managing diaries, editing / creating looking documents and graphics for social media? Would you like to not have to figure out how to set your online scheduler?

I can help you sort out emails, diaries, or create images in Canva, create newsletters in MailChimp, create a LeadPage.

I am a problem-solving, solution finding Virtual Assistant. As well as finding unique solutions to traditional admin needs, I develop WordPress websites, help you sort out your MailChimp, LeadPages and other online tools As well as providing social media, event, marketing, and project management support. I am also able to organise the disorganised ensuring that your business runs as smoothly as possible.

If you are at the point where the time taken to find out how to use these tools is taking you away from the vital work you do with clients then email me at

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