Louise Jenner, The Dream Biz Coach.


Business coaching and mentoring for start-ups and established business owners who want to be successful AND maintain a sane approach to life!

Louise Jenner became The Dream Job Coach and then also The Dream Biz Coach, after she left a long and successful career in retail management in 2013.

Her own career-change experience plus all those years of recruiting and managing teams inspired her to help others to do work they love whether that means changing jobs and staying employed or taking the big exciting leap into the world of self-employment.

She says: “I know that we all produce our very best work when we are doing something we love. That’s valuable, it’s rewarding and it’s way less stressful than soldiering on in something we no longer enjoy.”

Louise helps her clients get clear about what they want and provides support and accountability on a very practical level. She helps them get to grips with social media, especially LinkedIn and ultimately, she helps them get hired!



“Louise helped me to clarify the essence of who I am professionally and how to portray that in a positive, engaging way on LinkedIn so I now have a profile that I’m proud of. She is very encouraging, insightful and really knows how to apply a sound business approach to how describing yourself to appeal to potential clients. Her spirit is a very generous one, evidenced by her putting me into touch with one of her clients with whom I could be forming an exciting work partnership. This was beyond what she needed to do but is characteristic of the extra effort she’s put into helping me.” – Caroline Aistrop (LinkedIn Recommendation)


Getting Started with Louise Jenner, The Dream Biz Coach, couldn’t be easier!


A “Create Your Dream Biz Clarity Session” is time with Louise Jenner, The Dream Biz Coach to discover how you can make your business less stressful, more fulfilling & more fun without losing sight of your financial goals.

Available in person (Glos) or online for only £79.00 with code LBNRG. (Normal price £149.00)


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Contact Louise via email: louise@louisejenner.com

Or phone: 07766 250192

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  1. New starts

    Louise is simply wonderful. After a few years of flitting between two business ideas Louise gave me the courage, encouragement and skills to determine and work out where I wanted to be and HOW I could get there. A year later and my life as an artist is going from strength to strength and the support. Thank you, Louise.

  2. Fantastic coach

    Louise spent some time with me to help clarify where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing when I got there. She is warm, friendly, enthusiastic and very easy to talk to! Highly recommended to anyone considering their career trajectory!

  3. Great Coach
    By wellness-in-motion - March 1, 2018

    I recommend Louise to everyone who struggles with career choices. I had a consultation with her nearly two years ago when I was making a leap into the self-employed world. She definitely knows how to help you grow – no matter if you self employed or working for someone!

  4. CV assistance

    We asked Louise to help a family member improve a CV in order to improve the chances of finding a new job. She responded promptly and made useful suggestions for improving what had already been written, giving sound reasons for the changes. The CV went out and quite soon after that an interview and subsequently a job was the result. I would recommend Louise for CV writing and review services.

  5. Highly Recommended ....

    Louise is lovely to deal with and is very professional. We enjoyed working with Louise and where the opportunity arises we will be happy to do so once again!

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