Wedge Whiteboards are a Unique range of magnetic dry wipe whiteboards suitable for Early Years Foundation Stage and for Key Stages 1 and 2, supporting the National Curriculum.

Wedge Whiteboards are a high quality, engaging range of dry erase, magnetic boards.  Developed by teachers for teachers, you will see from our testimonials that Wedge Whiteboards are hailed as a vital teaching resource and an absolute classroom essential.

Early years learning up to and including Key Stage One and Two is exciting, challenging and stimulating.  Discover our range of cross-curricular whiteboards that can be used in so many ways to facilitate interaction, engage pupils and ultimately aid the teaching and learning process.

Wedge Whiteboards are a valuable tool in the classroom for almost any subject you teach. If you simply stand and talk, you may lose your pupils who process information better visually.  By combining an effective whiteboard presentation with an enthusiastic delivery, you will reach and engage your pupils more effectively.

Our range of Wedge Whiteboards are exceptionally versatile and can be used as a front of class teaching aid, as a base for group work, for paired activities, one to one tutorials or as a display board for notices or pupil’s artwork.  These easy to use boards can either be used as a table top tool or on the floor in the classroom and are suitable for teaching a range of subjects from literacy, numeracy and creative work.

Using dry erase Wedge Whiteboards makes the entire lesson effective, interactive, and fun.

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