Business Break Speakers

Business Break is pleased to announce the following speakers for the next couple of months

Weds 7th October

How To Increase Your Profits in 5 Simple Steps

Award-winning accountant Hetty Verney,
from Hetty Verney
Accounting discusses how to make your business a more profitable entity.

Hetty is not your average accountant!


Weds 4th November

Sleep your Way to Success!

Not what it initially sounds like not sleeping with the boss!

Janet Dowling is a renowned hypnotherapist and sleep expert and in this talk she gives useful tips on how you can improve your sleep patterns to enable you to feel more energised in your working life..

Weds 2nd December

Imposter Syndrome – Taming Your Inner Critic

More than 70% of people experience Imposter Syndrome at some point in their life.  For some people, Imposter Syndrome can be completely debilitating and lead to anxiety, stress and burn out. 

Cornelia Raubal works with high achievers to help them step into their next leadership role with impact and confidence. In this talk she shares practical strategies to turn your inner critic into a cheerleader.

Weds 6th January 2021

The 3 Critical Cs Of Successful Sales

Carie Lyndene (Creative Sales Results) is a Sales Specialist who works with purpose driven Entreprenuers to reposition their business model so they can secure their dream income even in the most challenging of times.

Weds 3rd February 2021

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

Ian Morgan has run MBS Accountants for over 10 years and yet by his own admission most of that was just about surviving. However in the past few years his working hours have reduced from 50+ per week to around 35 and the business performance is greatly improved. Sales have increased by around 80%, profits have doubled and cashflow is around 4 times better. Ian will talk to you about the steps he has taken to get to that next level. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.